Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé

Dreaming is the greatest thing that can happen to my world. In this thread, i will talk about how much a dream can influence in my daily life… and obviously in my mind. To enhance your reading experience, please turn on the following media player.

#9 Dream – John Lennon


The day ( sooner or later) must end at a certain time of the day. For me, the fact that kills it is marked by sleeping, ‘cause it makes me forget everything about it and connects me directly with my inner world… which nowadays is my favorite place.

While sleeping, i have two possibilities: First one’s when my body says that i’ve had enough of life, and it’s time to escape of every little thing. My mind starts errasing everything until  it is completly white (which means dark, i guess) and i can be alone with myself. Second one is magic and more frequent, it’s when my mind takes parts of my day and from my beautiful memories, combines them and makes a perfect fusion between me and the world in my head.

When this last option happens… i can be everywhere i want, i can hug, i can kiss, i can jump, i can run, i can be beautiful, i can fly, i can do whatever comes to me… i can destroy everything harmful from the day and i can just be the way i am.

Dreaming is smiling with my beloved.
Dreaming is my perfect family.
Dreaming is no shadows in my room.
Dreaming is to laugh with my best friends.
Dreaming is music in my walls.
Dreaming is all i need in that moment, cause dreaming is dreaming.

But… while i’m swiming in the sky, telling you how much i love you, just the moment i hold your hand, just when we are smiling together… i don’t know why i have to destroy all those perfect imaginations that i enjoyed too much. I wake up… It hurts beacause i can feel it’s real, but i know it’s magic… fake as magic.


According to John, “Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé” doesn’t mean anything, it is just a phrase that came to him in a dream and he decided to base a song around it. (although the word “poussé” translates from the French as meaning roughly “thorough”) Of course many Lennon fans also noted that some elements of this song seemed eerily precognitive after he was shot to death on Dec. 8th, 1980, as his killer “called out his name” (“Mr. Lennon” as opposed to “John”) just before shooting him three times as he “took a walk down the street” near his NYC apartment. John also had a well known fascination with the number nine. Strangely this song, the weird verse of which has nine syllables, was released on John’s ninth solo album Mind Games (9 letters) on the ninth month of 1974 and went to number 9 on the charts of that year. Many have also noted that John was shot at 11 P.M. on Dec 8th, at which time it was already Dec. 9th in his hometown of Liverpool. 1980 is also, numerologically speaking, a “number 9 year”: 1+9+8=18, 1+8=9


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6 respuestas a Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé

  1. Fuck You with a Coment [??] dijo:

    I agree, Daydreaming can be awesome, but if you spend too much time daydreming it can cause you Big problems. But I like the fact that it can lead you everywhere and anytime, I don`t usually go daydreaming, mostly beacuse I enjoy living the moment xD. Nevertheless, Awesome Post, this is one of your best, also Awesome song (All Hail Lennon).

    • Le'Bleu dijo:

      Nice to know that, you made me smile (gaylol) but i need to learn how to stop dreaming this much or i’ll become even more… crazy?

      Anyways nice fucking comment, nigga

  2. Neutré dijo:

    Dreaming is other kind of reality. I dont know why, but, when im on a dream i dont remember nothing about the real word (if is this a real world).

    A good dream can make your day better

  3. K dijo:

    When you dream you can do anything you want, but in reality you can make your dreams come true ~
    It’s a fact that dreams are better than reality sometimes, but dreams are just that, dreams. That makes reality even more special, because you make it with other people, and in dreams you just make it by yourself. Your laughts, your happinness, your fears, it’s all about you ~ Maybe that’s why it’s harder living in a real world, your feelings depend on other people’s feelings.

    Reality allows you to make that dream come true. In a dream you can control everything, people, places, feelings…, but you create it by yourself, it’s all about you. Maybe that’s what makes reality so special (and harder too), your feelings depend on other people’s feelings, and it’s impossible getting all what you want, but you must fight for it to make it true.

    Love yah ~ Bliwi rlz ❤

    • Le'Bleu dijo:

      For me, dreams are part of my reality, or maybe the one i’d like to create. So i think the same as you in that point, dreams can become true if you fight for ‘em. And i liked that you said that dreaming is something made by one person, but living is a matter of more people, participating to “accomplish” it.

      I love you more :3 Kiomi rlz ❤


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